Song 8 – Tomorrow May Be Too Late

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Tomorrow can be too late


One of the tenets of Alzheimer's strategies is LOVE .


Affiliate, fraternal, romantic love, love of God or just love!


We had a lot of losses this year. I believe it's time for us to start celebrating life together!



Good memories that you're gone. Actions to help those who stayed!


Live the present!


Suggested Actions

Call a friend.

Smile with your kids.

Embrace your parents.

Be grateful for what you received.

Go to the fight.

Do good without looking at who.

Kiss the one you love.



Singers: Rayne Almeida & Thiago Novaes

Song: Tomorrow May Be Too Late

Composition: Thiago Novaes

Music Production: Wesley Barbosa


Text:Marcelo Godinho

Site: Alzheimer's Strategies


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